Moms On a Budget

I am a stay at home mom and love the challenge of living on a budget. I try it get the most out of everyday I spent. I am evening going to apply what I do in my day to day life when I start college this fall. I wonder will I be able to stay on budget or will this new adventure throw me off.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer bargains

Today while I was out yard selling I found a nice cycling bike for me for $20.00 on the other hand my hubby bought a bike a few days ago and it was lets say in the $$$ dollar range. Why is it I can something and I look around until I find a massive bargain and when my hubby wants something he just gets it. Now keep in mind he doesn't purchase things often but when he does it stings the pocket book. With both of us owning cycles, we are now getting into cycling me for the exercise I sure do need it and my hubby well he has this grand idea that he is going to commute to work. We live in the country and the commute is 25 miles on the hwy. I for one think that its alitte much and I would worry way to much. But he insisted that he can do it and has his mind made up. There really is no talking him out of it.

Back to bargains. I tend to ramble a bit when I am talking a story. My next entry will be ways to score great deals at Target.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Today was a pretty slow day for us. We did some goodwill shopping and I was able to get my daughter some Roxy shirts for .50 each. They had an awesome sale all short sleeve and sleeveless shirts 75% off. So the most I paid for any shirt I got my family was $1.25. That is a great deal. We wear the latest name brands and only pay a small sum for them. While at another thrift store I came across some older disney books and I thought that was neat as, I have been doing some research on older books and found that the older ones are very interesting and some are very valuable. Tomorrow will be a stay at home day and focus on homeschooling. We are into nice weather now and getting my daughter to keep focused is a small challenge but we are working together to make it as fun as possible. I sure hope there is alot of good freebies posted on my links tomorrow. I really love getting the mail when there is lots of free samples inside not just bills.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am getting ready to go to the Notre Dame Blue and Gold game. This is such a great way of seeing your local college team at home for a very cheap price. Players and coaches from years past come back to the stadium and play each other. This is a tradition we started last year and we plan doing for many years to come. Now I hope the rain holds out or we will be getting really wet. I haven' t come across any major deals in the last couple of days but I am always on the look out. One of the best ways to make alittle extra money from home is doing online surveys. I do alot of those some pay well and others are so so. I also join every product test panel I come across. This is a wonderful way to get free items at no cost to you. Most times they just want you to pass the word around other times they want you to keep the product hush hush. Either way you are getting free stuff. Bzz Agent is one of my very favorite sites. If you like talking about items you have used then this is the site for you. I hope by reading my blog you are able to find ways to keep you on budget. Stay tuned I will be adding new tips and sites shortly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight after dinner I was going over the information in my account at school and noticed that I signed up for a work study in the fall. I have never even heard of a work study before. All I know about a work study is that its a way to get money for college. I really would like to find something geared toward my major. This way I am being budget friendly and I am learning more about history which is my current major. Over the last couple of years I have become fascinated by history and I am really looking forward to learning about so many different cultures and their past. With the museums have free admission weeks and days I am able to visit more often and really focus on what time period in history I want to study. If you are interested in museums I highly recommend going to your local museums website and see when their discount admission days are. This way you can have a family outing at a very low cost. Just a side note be sure to check the price of parking as some museums its as high as $15.00.

First Day

Today is the first day of my blog. I am starting many new and exciting things in my life so I thought why not write my own blog. My family call me the thrifty mom. I am always getting great deals and I really make my dollar stretch as far as possible. Like yesterday my grandma asked me to pick my husband something up for his birthday. She gave me $20.00 to do so. I went to Kohl's because I had a $5.00 off any purchase coupon. So for $21.60 I was able to get my husband a pair of pants and a dress shirt. I also got a necklace for my daughter which was originally marked $65.99 for $ 6.50 , 2 packs of high school musical headbands for $2.80 and a pack of girls socks for $1.60. This is the way I always shop. I sign up for every discount out there and I use coupons every chance I get. So moms out there it is possible to get really nice things on a shoestring budget. I am off to see what great deals and freebies I can come across today.